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This nonprofit webite was made for hungarian engineers, therefore lot of our pages are in hungarian.

Below we collected some interesting links about Hungarian Bridges in English.

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Bridges in Hungary (published in 2008)

70 famous hungarian bridges in 176 pages with many excellent photos.

(editors: Kara Katalin és dr. Tóth Ernő; authors: Hajós Bence, Halász Lajos, Kara Katalin, Magyari László, Rasztik Róbert, Sitku László, dr. Tóth Ernő és dr. Träger Herbert)

Full view in pdf

This book was first published in 2007 in Hungarian.

The English edition was realeased next year (2008) and the German editon in 2010: Brücken in Ungarn.

Plans of Hungarian Bridges (in pdf)


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